The company with its current name – “Sun House” – was founded on 25th of November in the year 2011, but its team members have 25-30 years of experience in the field of solar energy.

All began as far back as in the year 1977, during the soviet era. In this time in the Sukhumi Institute of Physics and Technology, studies were going on for the military and space purposes about technologies of obtaining p-n structures, similar to the photovoltaic cells, based on Si, Ge and GaAs mono-crystalline. Later here were created first Si solar cells and modules. Two members of our team (Konstantine Kobakhidze and Nana Chkenkeli) participated in this work.

In the year 1990 in Sukhumi Institute of Physics and Technology small entity – “Aisi” was established, which worked on the development and implementation of photovoltaic systems. Also in Sokhumi began the picking and installation of first photovoltaic off-grid microsystems.

Organizations predecessors of “Sun House”, which were founded by and where worked our team members, are:
• Years 1990-1993 – Small Entity – “Aisi”
• Years 1994-1996 – LLC “Helios”
• Years 1996-1999 – LLC “Solar Energy”
• Years 1999-2008 – NCLE „Sun and Earth“
• Years 2008-2011 – NCLE „Center of Sustainable energies – Sun and Earth“
• Since year 2011 – Ltd “Sun House”

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