LLC “Sun House” is the pioneer and the leading solar installer in Georgia.

Modern water heating and photovoltaic stations designed and installed by the company stand out through their high quality, reliability, compliance with the most recent European standards and long term operating period.

“Sun House” is staffed with very experienced, internationally qualified, certified and highly professional specialists. Our team members regularly participate in the newest trainings and international conferences in the leading countries of America and Europe.

In the solar energy sector “Sun House” is the only company in Georgia, which:

  1. Conducts scientific research of the solar energy potential;
  2. Designs both solar heating systems and photovoltaic systems;
  3. Installs both solar heating systems and photovoltaic systems;
  4. Provides a long term monitoring and service of installed systems;
  5. Carries out an expertise of solar power systems.

Company has experience in the design of megawatt capacity solar power plants.

☑️ Experience in the photovoltaics sector:                  over 30 years;
☑️ Total power of installed photovoltaic systems:     567 000 W;
☑️ Total number of installed solar power systems:    over 500;
☑️ Total capacity of installed solar heating systems: over 60 tons;
☑️ Total number of installed solar heating systems:  over 65.

“Sun House” is the solar energy choice of rising amount of Georgian and foreign homeowners and businesses.

See also the history of the company.

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